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Maintenance and repairing of EOT cranes

We offer Crane Repair and Maintenance Services for the host of industries. Our effective maintenance services allow our users the easy and hassle free usage of Cranes. Supported by highly skilled technicians, our services are acclaimed for accuracy and speediness. When it comes to maintenance services, our technician and service engineers are not afraid of getting their hands dirty. Repair and maintenance services include – Breakdown maintenance, Periodic Preventive Maintenance, Annual Maintenance Contracts or AMC and Predictive maintenance

Experience in all areas of EOT Cranes

We also undertake replacement of worn out parts, improvement in existing design to reduce need for frequent change of parts, LT wheel replacement, LT wheel alignment including its verticality and skew, Drive alignment, Replacement of Brake Drum and Brake liners, refurbishment of motors and gearboxes, replacement of wire rope and rope sheaves, replacement of hooks, rectification of CT rail level difference, Gantry Rail alignment and Gantry Rail replacement.

Rail fixing and refurbishment of rails and cranes

Proper alignment of Rails is essential for safe and trouble free operation of Crane. Improperly aligned Rails lead to abnormal wear of wheel flanges, extra load on LT drive mechanism leading to failure of Gearbox, Wheel Axle, Wheel bearing, couplings and floating shafts, structural cracks and failure of end carriages as well as need for frequent replacement of wheels. However the biggest threat comes from derailment of crane and excessive load on crane supporting building. The loads due to misaligned rails as well as mismatch between crane span and gantry span are so large that this leads to bending of wheel flanges especially in high speed cranes that is responsible for crane derailment.

Modification of electrical systems

We also undertake upgradation of complete electrical systems of crane, this may include replacement of motors, VVVF controls, VFD controls, provision of compact festoon cable system/ drag chain in place of open wire system for trolley power supply, replacement of angle type DSL/open wire DSL by shrouded bus bars, changing of electrical cables and installation of electrical load weighing systems/overload limiters on crane.

Repair solutions

  • Extend the life of your assets.
  • Considerably cheaper than buying new.
  • Emergency repair supports.
  • Extensive testing facilities.

On site supports

  • Emergency on site supports available.
  • Preventive maintenance programs.
  • Fault diagnosis.
  • Backup of machines programs and parameters.